Celebrating Success: Spotlight on 成人抖音’s 2024 Graduates

成人抖音’s 2024 graduates comprise commissioning naval officers, Murphy Deming’s first class of Nurse Practitioners, and other laudable ambitions.

As 成人抖音 prepares to bid farewell to its graduating class, we take a moment to celebrate the achievements and future plans of our remarkable students. Each story embodies the vibrant, diverse, and ambitious spirit that thrives at 成人抖音. Here are just a few of the outstanding graduates stepping boldly into the future.

Olivia Gagne: A Mathematical Mind with Global Aspirations

From Nokesville, Olivia Gagne graduates with a bachelor of science in applied mathematics and a minor in computer science. A leader at heart, Gagne’s most memorable 成人抖音 experience was her role as a lead orientation leader during the 2023鈥24 academic year. Her senior thesis on “The Effects of Kernel Functions on Support Vector Machines for Handwritten Digit Recognition” not only earned her the Best Q-Award at 成人抖音鈥檚 Capstone Festival but also underscored her academic prowess. This summer, Gagne will enhance her academic journey at St. Anne鈥檚 College, University of Oxford, proving her belief that she can thrive in any situation with confidence and support.

Gerardo Escalera Cardoso: A Future in Law Shaped by Advocacy and Inquiry

Gerardo Escalera Cardoso, hailing from Harrisonburg, graduates with a BA in political science and economics. His active engagement in Quest, an interfaith dialogue initiative, demonstrates his commitment to fostering community and understanding at 成人抖音. Escalera’s academic pinnacle was his senior thesis, “When Logic Trumped Anger,” which not only earned him a presentation spot at the 2023 Pi Sigma Alpha Undergraduate Research Conference but also publication in their journal. As he prepares to attend the University of Richmond Law School in Fall 2024, Escalera credits his 成人抖音 education with honing the critical reasoning, writing, and interpersonal skills essential for his future legal career. His advice to incoming students underscores the value of extracurricular involvement for enriching both academic and personal growth.

Gerardo Escalera Cardoso

Katelin Whitcomb: A Chemist Commissioning into the Navy

Katelin Whitcomb, from Montrose, Colorado, graduates with a BS in chemistry, with minors in criminal justice and leadership. For Whitcomb, 成人抖音鈥檚 annual Apple Day stands out as a cherished tradition. Notably, she has consistently earned the Virginia Women鈥檚 Institute for Leadership鈥檚 “Top Gun” award for outstanding cadets. Whitcomb is set to commission into the Navy as the first VWIL nuclear submarine officer, a path made possible through 成人抖音’s robust VWIL program and its partnership with Virginia Military Institute.

Jackeline Peraza: Business and Sustainability Advocate

Jackeline Peraza of Woodbridge, graduates with a bachelor of arts in business with an emphasis in sustainability. Her most memorable 成人抖音 experience was the 2024 Kwanzaa Celebration, which was marked by laughter, challenges, and unforgettable friendships. Peraza ‘s leadership was recognized with the Campus Leadership Award in 2022鈥23. After graduation, she plans to take a gap year to gain practical experience in the business world, building on her academic foundation and the professional development opportunities 成人抖音 has provided.

Quentin Hart: Champion of Innovation and Leadership

From Herndon, Quentin Hart is graduating from 成人抖音 with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and communications, and a minor in business. Notable for founding and leading 成人抖音鈥檚 first men’s basketball team to a conference championship, Hart also excelled academically, being nominated for the annual Capstone Festival for his marketing campaign for a local nonprofit. Post-graduation, Hart will pursue an MBA at 成人抖音 and intern at the National Reconnaissance Office, ready to tackle future challenges with the leadership skills and professionalism developed at the university. Hart feels his experience exemplifies the profound personal and professional growth facilitated by 成人抖音’s supportive and dynamic environment.

Trenise Turner: Bridging Military Service and Advanced Nursing Practice

Trenise 鈥淣ise鈥 Turner, a standout graduate from 成人抖音, is receiving her family nurse practitioner and doctorate of nursing practice degrees. Her journey at 成人抖音 is highlighted by her successful defense of her DNP project and her invaluable clinical experience at a military health facility serving U.S. service members, veterans, and their families. Turner’s dedication extends beyond academia into her role as a Navy Reservist, where she plans to leverage her advanced nursing skills to enhance her service. She advises new 成人抖音 students to maintain a fervent desire to learn, establish strong connections with professors, and embrace the learning process with enthusiasm.

Nina Copeland: A Scholar鈥檚 Journey from 成人抖音 to the University of Virginia

Nina Copeland, from Stuarts Draft, graduates from 成人抖音 with a degree in English and history and a minor in sociology, enhanced by an honors degree from the Baldwin Honors Scholars program. Her academic journey is marked by notable achievements including writing two theses and serving as honors scholars鈥 president and co-editor-in-chief of the Outrageous Fortune literary magazine. Copeland’s roles as a tutor, tour guide, and peer mentor have all contributed to her comprehensive development. She will continue her academic pursuits by studying for her master’s degree in English at the University of Virginia this fall. Copeland credits the unwavering support and mentorship of her 成人抖音 professors as pivotal in her personal and professional growth, advising new students to forge strong connections with their instructors.

Lauryn Faulkner-Sitton: Aspiring Veterinarian with a Passion for Large Animal Welfare

Lauryn Faulkner-Sitton, originally from Durant, Oklahoma and now residing in Staunton, is graduating from 成人抖音 with a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Biology. Faulkner-Sitton’s memorable study abroad experience in Costa Rica, led by Dr. Paul Callo, deepened her passion for ornithology and ecological conservation, enhancing her understanding of diverse ecosystems and cultures. A highlight of her academic journey was winning Best Oral Presentation in Microbiology at the Association for Southern Biologists conference for her thesis on Cryptosporidium infection in Angus cattle. Faulkner-Sitton’s ambition extends to attending veterinary school to specialize in large animal care, including cows, elephants, and rhinos, driven by her desire to research and improve wildlife welfare. She credits 成人抖音 with fostering her love for learning and advises future students to engage fully with their education, utilize campus resources, and build relationships with their professors, who she finds exceptionally approachable and insightful.

Amanda McComas: From 成人抖音 to Community Care

Amanda McComas, hailing from Raphine, achieves a significant milestone as she graduates with her doctor of nursing practice (DNP), specializing as a family nurse practitioner. McComas鈥 journey at 成人抖音 is highlighted by deep connections with faculty and staff, which she describes as pivotal to her success. Her doctoral project, which placed second at the Virginia Council of Nurse Practitioners event, marks a proud achievement as she was the first DNP student representing Murphy Deming at this level. Post-Commencement, McComas plans to serve her community as a nurse practitioner, leveraging the extensive hands-on experience gained through her studies at 成人抖音.

This handful of students is a cross-section representing the drive, creativity, and success of the entire graduating Class of 2024. Each student鈥檚 graduation is an estimable accomplishment, only made possibly with resilience through adversity, perseverance against discouragement, and effort despite exhaustion. These are the lessons that each 成人抖音 grad will carry with them, not just for time, but for eternity.

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